Makeup Brushes


Makeup brushes are a wonderful tool! With so many choices out there, I want to share those that work best for me. I have some in my kit that I might use once and awhile, but these are my go-to brushes that I use every. single. day.

Expert Face Brush by Real Techniques: I have two of these! I use this brush to apply my Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer and my MakeSense Foundation. This brush is ultra firm and broad for perfectly buffed foundation and an airbrushed finish.

Setting Brush by Real Techniques: I use this brush to apply Natural Translucent Powder under my eyes in a concentrated manner. The brush can be great for highlighting creams and powders as well. I also use the brush lightly to blend and/or diffuse my eyeshadow some days.

Powder Brush by Real Techniques: I like to use this brush to apply bronzer lightly over my face and neck. The brush has a plush large head for sheer application and smooth, high definition results.

Blush Brush by Real Techniques: I was so happy when I found this brush! It is hands down my favorite blush brush ever. It works wonderfully with BlushSense and gives me flawlessly blended, high definition results. You need this brush now!

Pro Shadow Brush #14 by Sephora: I have had this brush for years and it is my go-to in applying color to my entire lid. The medium size helps me place ShadowSense exactly where I want it and no where else. 

Pro Airbrush Crease #31 by Sephora: This is another one that I have had for quite awhile. It is the only brush I use for my crease. The medium size dome gives me great control to easily and precisely blend ShadowSense across the crease of my lids. 

Pro Brow Brush by Sephora: I love my spoolie! It helps keep my brows in check and groomed. The fact that this is a dual end tool makes it even better. The angled edge helps me precisely apply ShadowSense to add definition and shape to my brows. It is a win, win!

SeneGence offers a brush set that includes 8 brushes for only $25! As soon as I get my hands on a set and give them a try, I will let you know my results.

*I'm not being compensated by Sephora or Real Techniques, I just truly enjoy the products.

Michelle Caster