Keeping it Clean

I'm going to be straight with you and admit that I did not clean my brushes very often in the past. Don't run, I promise my brush etiquette has improved drastically! 

I overcomplicated it and made it seem like a daunting task. Ladies, I promise it is not! Now, don't get crazy and think I am cleaning these every week. I am though, cleaning them at least once a month, sometimes every other week.

What changed? Learning the importance of a clean brush! Bacteria buildup, breakouts, skin irritation, clogged pores, damaged brushes, and muddy application are all results of not caring for our makeup brushes. I did not want to contribute to any of those not-so-fun results.

Another important factor was finding super affordable and simple tools to help me out. I have found Real Techniques Deep Cleansing Gel and Practk Palmat Makeup Brush Cleaner to be a winning combo. Both of these products are under $10. SeneGence offers a brush cleaner, I just haven't had the opportunity to try it out yet. Once I do, I will let you know my results.

Below is a step by step look at how I clean each of my brushes. Super simple and effective, and my brushes feel brand new. I try and wash them after I apply my makeup in the morning, that way they are definitely dry the next time I want to use them.

*I'm not being compensated by these companies, I just truly enjoy the products.


Michelle Caster