LashSense Mascara

You've heard the expression, "Your eyes are the window to your soul", right? Think of your lashes as the frame. They are a key element to your overall look.

That's where the fun begins! There is a wide spectrum of looks you can choose from.  Simple and natural, or bold and thick, or somewhere in between. Regardless of the look, you want a mascara that is going to stay put.

Let me introduce you to LashSense, the waterproof mascara offered by SeneGence. This formula is richly pigmented and will evenly coat and separate your lashes so they are volumized and shaped just how you prefer. The formula comes in Black and Brown and is $25 for 0.20oz. 

LashSense will not run, smudge or sweat off either! You can trust that your mascara is staying put until you take it off. Jump in the pool, run in those waves, cry your eyes out at a movie, just know you don't have to worry about raccoon eyes any longer.

Another incredible product for your lashes is UnderSense. Think of it as a primer for your lashes. Before putting on your mascara, coat your lashes with this effective lengthener and builder that also delivers deep hydration to damaged lashes. UnderSense helps you build the longest, fullest lashes you've ever had. You can purchase a 0.20oz tube of UnderSense for $20 or get the 2-in-1 LashSense with UnderSense tube for $20. The dual ended tube provides 0.25oz of mascara and primer.

For me, I use the combo tube. It's my go-to, I love the ease of two products in one tube. UnderSense is wonderful and I am able to get my lashes exactly where I want them. Then I go in with LashSense and coat them. All done! My lashes will last me the entire day and not budge a bit. Thank you SeneGence! To shop these products, click here.

Michelle Caster