Prism of Possibilities

Each year in April, SeneGence International hosts their annual Seminar in Tulsa, Oklahoma. And let me tell you, it is one event I did not want to miss! This year our theme was "Prism of Possibilities" and it could not have been more fitting. The possibility of new friendships, the possibility of owning a business I design, the possibility of personal development and growth like I have never experienced - just to name a few.

Meeting SeneSisters from all over the country is my favorite part- I mean look at these girls, don't they just look like a blast?! Beyond just the fun, these women genuinely encourage and help build-up one another. Our businesses do not look the same, yet we are there for one another in the successes and in the challenges. That is what our sisterhood embodies and it is one I am very thankful to be a part of.


On top of the amazing friendships and encouragement, is the opportunity to build a future you are excited about. That looks different for each of us - the wonderful part is that you get a key role in designing what it is. That my friends, is a HUGE gift!

My business began as an outlet for self-expression and personal development. It has grown into a team of wonderfully talented women and a clientele of amazing ladies. I am excited to "go to work" each day and set new goals for myself. Is it always easy? Definitely not. But is it always something I am wanting to build and grow from? Yes!

This past year I set a goal to achieve SeneBlends MUA certification through SeneGence International. At Seminar, I was recognized as a 2018 recipient of this prestigious title! To say I did a happy dance is an understatement! 

I continue to set new goals and always make sure there is at least one that makes me uncomfortable. If we are always hanging out in our comfort zone, we aren't growing. And if we aren't growing, we aren't going to reach our full potential. I don't know about you - but I don't want to look back in 5 years and think, "Why didn't I try that? Why didn't I push myself?" So here I am, taking it on day-by-day. 

At Seminar we were encouraged to write our goals for this coming year for everyone to see. I am working hard to achieve the rank of Duchess, to become a $ignifant $ene $eller, and to earn one of the many free trips SeneGence rewards. 


I'm not sure where 2018 will take me, but I'm going to challenge myself and have a whole bunch of fun while I do it! My incredible team and SeneSisters will be cheering me on and challenging me along the way and I'm so incredibly thankful be doing this beauty biz right alongside them. 

If you are reading this and thinking, "I want in! I want to love my job!", then click here to jump right in, or click here to chat with any questions. I'd love for you to design a future you are excited about!